Security Features

Traditionally gift voucher security has only been an option for big businesses. We have changed that!

At we understand that you need absolute confidence that the gift vouchers being presented at your business are genuine. Unlike many other printers we take the security of the gift vouchers we produce very seriously. So much so that “Secure” is the first word in our strap line. Remember, gift vouchers are like bank notes to your business so you should expect similar security.

  • Let’s start with the paper. Just like bank notes all our gift vouchers are printed on watermarked paper and that highly secure paper is only available to our company. It is a registered watermark that confirms the vouchers were printed by us in our own factory. This feature makes it very hard for forgers to copy a gift voucher.
  • Then we add UV print. Every voucher we print has a colour logo that is only visible using Ultra Violet light, similar to the bank note checkers you may have. Don’t worry if you do not have a bank note checker, as a new customer a UV light fob is supplied in your welcome pack so that you can check each gift voucher as it is spent in your business.
  • On top of that we add a thermo chromic dot printed using special ink that vanishes when you rub it. A really quick way to check a gift voucher is not a copy.
  • The next layer of security is a hologram. Every gift voucher we produce also has a Gift Voucher HUB hologram. Not only is this a great visual addition to the gift voucher, it is another feature that is very hard for a forger to copy and one that will be very evident if you are presented with a photo copy of one of your gift vouchers.
  • Security codes and numbering are another great way to protect your gift voucher and may enable the vouchers to be used online if you have a web storefront. You can add your own code when customising your gift voucher design, or you can request a secure code range that we send you for your web developers to upload in to your online store. If you are sending personalised gift vouchers you can add a code within your recipient list to be added as part of the personalisation.
  • It doesn’t end with the gift vouchers though, we also vet you. Yes, that’s right, we vet you as a customer. Every customer on our site is contacted after they place their first order to ensure they are who they claim to be. We need to be 100% confident that we are sending out gift vouchers that have been ordered by a representative of the company that is empowered to place an order for gift vouchers. Only when we are happy will we release the order for production.
We print high-quality secure vouchers. We want you to touch the product and test the security features.
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