• What is the minimum order quantity?
  • The minimum number of vouchers you can order is 25.
  • Why do I have to register to use your site?
  • We pride ourselves in providing secure gift vouchers to all businesses, large and small. To provide that service we must ensure we are selling gift vouchers to authorised people.
  • Is it true you vet all users?
  • Yes, we check all new customers before accepting an order.
  • How do I order a gift voucher?
  • It is as easy as 1-2-3. Select your design from the many we have on our site. Make any changes using our special wizard. Approve your design proof to place your order.
  • I want to brand my gift vouchers.
  • No problem. All our vouchers have a space for your own logo. Pick a voucher from our bespoke range of vouchers and you can change the colours and fonts and our World Class range allow full editing of the vouchers.
  • Can I supply my own design?
  • Yes, click on the concierge service icon then download our standard template. You can then upload your own design knowing it will look perfect when printed on our secure voucher paper. Simply select a "Custom" voucher from our World Class Voucher range and select your own design change when prompted.
  • How quickly can you print my vouchers?
  • We aim to despatch within 3 days but it can take longer at peak times of the year.
  • I need help designing my voucher. Can you help me with that?
  • Sure. Just click on the Concierge Service to send us a message. And we will be in touch.
  • Why should I have an expiry date on my vouchers?
  • A gift voucher remains a ‘liability’ on your company books until it is spent. It is common practice to add an expiry date to prevent that ‘liability’ lasting for years. You can leave the expiry date blank in the customisation wizard but you should either enter an expiry date when you sell the vouchers or edit the terms and conditions to remove the expiry date condition if you do not require an expiry date.
  • How do I add serial numbering to my vouchers?
  • For a serial number or sequential number please select a Double Sided Personalised voucher from our World Class range then use the 'Number' field for your serial number. Leave the name and address fields empty if you do not require personalised details added.
We print high-quality secure vouchers. We want you to touch the product and test the security features.
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