What are the benefits of gift vouchers to your business?

  • Gift vouchers are a great way to introduce your business to new customers.
  • Gift vouchers pull in customers increasing footfall in your business. People generally do not buy gift vouchers for themselves so every voucher you sell is potentially another new customer through your door.
  • Most customers will spend more than the face value of the gift voucher. In fact the UK Gift Voucher Association estimates that the average spend is 40% above voucher face value.
  • Sshh, don’t tell your customers but over 6% of gift vouchers sold are never redeemed. A potential windfall for your business.
  • Gift vouchers help your cash flow by getting money in the till.
  • Every gift voucher you sell ties the customer in to using your business rather than your competition; a win-win for you.
  • Gift vouchers can be a fantastic reward for your loyal customers. Send your best customers a personalised discount voucher to make them feel valued.
  • Or start a new group of best customers by including vouchers in your next marketing campaign.
  • Gift vouchers are an easy upsell at your point of sale.
  • We all know that gift vouchers make a fantastic gift. Now you can sell your own secure branded gift vouchers.

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